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Twitter to get full Google search engine integration

Jun 15, 2016

Google and Twitter announced a while back that they were working on an integration deal that would allow Google to index tweets in real-time. Until recently, both parties had been very quiet about how the deal was progressing, causing much speculation amongst SEO and social media professionals, us included. However, last month, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced that the integration had been completed, and that users are likely to see the integration roll out this month. So what does this mean for your business’s SEO?

Until now, the only tweets that were indexed by Google were those published by major accounts with large numbers of followers, but even then not every tweet was indexed, and the vast majority of content was left untouched. As a result, many businesses didn’t consider drafting and implementing an SEO strategy for their social media posts, and instead concentrated on SEO for other content, like webpages and blog posts. With the new integration deal, however, every tweet from every account will be indexed as it is posted in real-time, and will then be used to determine rankings in keyword searches on Google. This means that if you don’t already have an SEO strategy for your tweets, you will need one. Additionally, Google have confirmed that tweets will be regulated under the same rules it has for other content, so tweets with stuffed keywords, poor content, or bad links will be punished, and see their rankings fall. However, this also means that tweets with good quality, original content, high resolution images, and verifiable links will be rewarded for their hard work, and will see their rankings improve over time. These rules make it even more important to have an SEO strategy in place to ensure that your tweets only improve your ranking, and that your Twitter account works in harmony with your blog and website. This is especially true for small, local businesses, who could use this integration to really get their brand out there.

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