PPC Management

Proper PPC management, delivering profit and goals. All from just £750 per month.

I work with Google every day to help deliver some of the best freelance PPC management campaigns available. So why should you pick me over all those other providers?

Firstly, I have the results to back it up. I have proof of the industrial client selling items that make them £1,500 profit for just £100 cost per sale. I work with a carpet retailer that produces £12million in revenue purely from their PPC management campaign.

Im accountable for everything I do. I’ll communicate with you to help deliver high profit campaigns whilst being an asset to your company.

I have 4 years experience in the paid search industry. There are more experienced PPC management providers available. But I’m honest and open,

I train and test regularly on my own websites. I put my money where my mouth is so that I can provide ​you ​with the best service and PPC management available.

Included in my PPC management are the following:

Call Tracking & Recording – So that you know what makes you money.

Remarketing Campaigns – We live in a world where users take multiple visits to buy. Don’t lose them to competitors.

Tracking Code Installs – ​I want to make sure I’m as accurate as possible. Don’t EVER miss a conversion and where it came from.

It’s time you took control of your marketing and let a professional make you money