Search Engine Optimization Specialist

High rankings are a powerful by-product of link building, content marketing and brand exposure. The more I get your brand in newspapers, highly powerful websites and across social media, the higher up the rankings your website will go. All of this provides traffic, and ultimately provides you with more profit.

By focusing on the ultimate goal of generating more revenue from search through higher rankings, I’m able to justify your marketing spend unlike other others.

As a business owner, I understand you need to be able to justify the investment you’re about to make. Thats why I collate and curate all the achievements I’ve made to date. Whether it’s ranking a client for a keyword such as ​Rolex​ (top 5), or winning £500,000+ worth of press coverage for their work. I work with huge companies, and I work with sole traders, each one desperate to understand where their money goes.

The following client trusted me. Before I began ANY major work I was able to snag quick wins that has trebled his traffic per month (from 20,000 unique visits to 60,000).