Social Media Management

Want to reach your buyers in ways you’ve never thought possible? Don’t post pointless content into an echochamber of self promotion and you’ll start on the road to success. Hire me, and I’ll propel your brand beyond your wildest dreams.

As a freelance consultant, I’ve worked with many brands to fix their social media campaigns. Their problems might be lack of reach, no ROI, pointless hashtags and underperforming campaigns.I’ve fixed those for brands such as 888Casino and many more.

My campaigns are matched to your brand persona (something I’ll put together ​just ​​for you​. ​My focus is to drive as much awareness for your brand as possible whilst not diluting your offering.

All of this in an affordable monthly retainer package, with clear goals and deliverables. Every month is met with a report and a phone call.

Become a social media success. A true successful with metrics that aren’t inflated or pointless. Real campaigns with real profit.