- 01The challenge

Debt management is a fiercely competitive industry, with click cost often hitting £40. Scottish Debt Help needed someone to deliver high quality leads at a target price to ensure their business could grow.

- 02The solution

Firstly, we focused on creating a strategy that incorporated Google & Facebook to make sure we maximise our across many platforms. This allowed us to grow the account and bring down to total amount it cost per leads.

Our focus on Google meant we delivered high quality leads, but this meant we had to be smart. Using our customer data, regularly feeding our conversion data back into Google meant we could spend time generating leads from customers that are most likely to turn into a verified case.

- 03The results

- Executed campaign and lowered cost per lead to less than £30, increasing verified percentage of each case
- Facebook used to deliver remarketing and look-a-like audiences. Super lower CPL
- Increased verified percentage