- 01The challenge

Spa Seekers already had good revenue but felt there was much more for them to achieve. Using Google & Facebook, they wanted someone that understood what was needed to take them to the next level

- 02The solution

Google was performing extremely, but there were vital areas that needed improving, such as bid strategies and audience development. Building up customer profiles and matching those with adverts meant we could capture users that were in the market for what we offered.

Facebook targeting meant we could capture people that either visited the website or were higher up the conversion funnel.

By bringing together vital targeting, vastly improved adverts and strategic bid adjustments, growth was gone only one way.

- 03The results

- 112% increase in Facebook revenue from a 2% increase in spend.
- 22% non-branded increase in Google Ads revenue in 30 days
- Average order value increased from £180 to £200