- 01The challenge

The CMO contacted me during a period of transition and needed someone to not only grab hold of 6 figure ad spend but to also continually grow performance.

- 02The solution

I took over the management of their 6 figure a month spend account. Focusing on basics, I managed to bring spend under control and focus on delivering ready-to-convert leads.

Beyond this, we then delivered strategies using high level BETAs from Google, a Youtube strategy and the further campaign restructuring to lower overall cost per lead to a new low.

- Large scale Ad management
- Strategic plan development
- Align campaigns with sales targets
- Integrate with the marketing team

- 03The results

- Cost per conversion for non-branded traffic dropped, on average, by 23%
- Managed budgets and spend in-line with marketing budgets
- Fast paced and proactive growth of account in line with sales targets